About Star Kebab House

Star Kebab House is a takeaway located at 25 Loudoun St, Mauchline KA5 5BE providing delicious meals for delivery and collection. Pick our food delivery service and receive your orders in the very comfort of your own home at a lightning speed.

If you want to make sure who is the most popular shop in Mauchline, just search ‘Where is the best kebab shop near me?’ on Google! We assure you that our name will stand at the top of the result list.

We’ve done our best to maintain standards of hygiene in the kitchen. Also, the personal hygiene of our staff matters to us. However, what has won us popularity more than anything else is the rich diversity of our menu. Our menu offers various dishes from juicy Kebabs to succulent Burgers, homemade Hoagies and fresh Pizzas. 

We make our dishes using fresh lean meat both red and white, so those concerned about their fat level, too, can enjoy our delicious kebabs.  

Our popularity is not restricted to juicy kebabs only. We also offer a large variety of freshly made pizzas baked into an Italian-style recipe.

You shouldn’t really miss out on our succulent burgers either; our double cheese burgers allow you to indulge in a unique flavour you haven’t experienced before. 

As we have been recently granted the proud membership of Mealzo family, you can place your online orders through https://mealzo.co.uk/ and enjoy the generous discounts up to 30% as long as your order exceeds £15. 

Should you need any further information, feel free to call us at 01290550887. 

Grateful thanks for visiting our website. 

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